Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exclusive fish-ins for PAC members

Northwich Anglers Association has kindly agreed to allow Cheshire Region members an exclusive day's fishing on Petty Pool (Whitegate) on Saturday 4th December.

This is a venue we fished last year and, although not many pike were caught, the beautiful surroundings more than made up for it. Petty Pool is a SSSI and home to some of the largest carp in the North West. There are also some very big bream and tench present. Pike are fairly numerous and this is a water where plenty of runs can usually be expected. It is not unusual to catch 5 or 6 pike in a day, although bigger fish tend to be very elusive.

Also, we have kindly been granted exclusive access to Big Billinge (Whatcroft, nr. Davenham) for a 'PAC members only' fish-in on Saturday 19th February 2011. Big Billinge is a noted carp and tench water and is very popular with Northwich AA members. It has produced pike to 24 lbs. 10 oz. in recent years (witnessed by the current bailiff) and has a good head of pike which generally see little angling pressure.

In the past we have tended to run fish-ins on day ticket waters in order to enable all of our members to fish. However, the opportunity to fish both Petty Pool and Big Billinge offers something fresh for the majority of our members who wouldn't normally be able to fish these venues.

Although Petty Pool is quite a large water (30+ acres) there are only 13 pegs so these will need to be pre-booked on a 'first come first served' basis. Similarly Big Billinge has limited pegs but numbers for this venue will be restricted to 15 anglers in order to facilitate choice and freedom of movement between swims.

There will be a charge of £3.50 per angler, and the funds generated will be donated to Northwich AA's junior section.

'Introduction to Pike Fishing' day 02/10/10

We will be running an 'Introduction to Pike Fishing' day in conjunction with Northwich Anglers Association on the River Weaver in Northwich on Saturday 2nd October.

This event is to cater for members of Northwich Anglers Association only (not the general public) but their Management Committee has agreed to allow PAC members to fish as well.

I hope that as many Cheshire Region members as possible will come and fish as I anticipate a good turn-out; particularly from Northwwich AA's junior members.

We have been granted permission to roam over a fairly long stretch of the river and I have selected this area because it fished particularly well for pike at this time last year (I caught a lot of fish up to about 10 lbs. on lures but I'm sure that live or deadbaits would probably turn up some bigger fish).

If you would like to help by demonstrating any particular methods, or by taking a beginner under your wing, then please get in touch. I will be advertising the event in local tackle shops and via Northwich AA's website and there is a real opportunity here to boost PAC membership in the mid-Cheshire area.

The day's fishing will be preceded by an indoor coaching session at Northwich AA's headquarters, 62 Station Road, Northwich, at 7.30 pm on Thursday 30th September. This is to enable anglers to learn to do fiddly jobs like making traces, tying rigs etc. in an environment more conducive to such activities than on the riverbank.

Search for new meeting venue

Yesterday I learned that the R.A.O.B. Club in Northwich, where we held our meetings last season, is closing down at the end of August. Off hand I don't know of another suitable venue so I will need to do some research to try and find us a new home. Unfortunately this has thrown my provisional list of meeting dates and speakers for 2010/11 into disarray. Please watch this space as I plan to resolve this problem as quickly as I can.