Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wyreside Lakes fish-in (24/01/10)

Originally we had planned to hold a friendly fish-in against our neighbours from PAC's South Lancs. Region at Tatton Park two days after Christmas. However,the ice and snow put paid to the plan and so we re-scheduled the event to take place at Wyreside Lakes a month later.

Unfortunately the Cheshire Region fielded only 3 anglers; Roy Garton and Andy and Carol Bates. I had planned to spend the day lure fishing but decided not to bother because the fishery wanted to charge me £14 for two rods when only had one in my possession. Not only did the magnificent 3 fail to catch, I spent the day feeling very cold and fed up indeed.

The South Lancs. Region fared better with 8 anglers turning up to fish and several pike caught (biggest a 16 pounder). The R.A.9/R.A.31 Challenge Cup was therefore won by the South Lancs. Region. Next year we will have to do better !

On my arrival home I wrote to the fishery manager and complained that it was unfair to charge pike anglers for a minimum of two rods as this discriminates against lure anglers (similarly the same tariff for carp anglers discriminates against anyone wishing to stalk fish with 1 rod). I received a nice reply informing me that the fishery has now restored the opportunity for pike and carp anglers to buy a single rod ticket for £7. I'm pleased some good has come of my letter.

2010 Looking ahead

The big freeze put pike fishing on hold for everyone throughout early January but now we are free of ice once again we can begin to look forward to the year ahead.

Unfortunately our January meeting had to be cancelled because the roads were so trecherous but Gary Knowles has kindly offered to come and present his slide show in the autumn. Steve Ormrod has also provisionally agreed to come and talk to us later in the year.

PAC Secretary Graham Slater will be our guest speaker at the February meeting (Thursday 11th) with John Milford to follow in March (Thursday 11th). Our final slide show for this season is in April when we have a mystery guest speaker. I don't want to give away too much information about this as this involves a personal friend who rarely gives talks these days and doesn't want to be swamped with requests from elsewhere. All I will say is that that none of our remaining meetings should be missed.

I plan to organize some more fish-ins for members but, with only 3 turning up to the last one I have to ask myself if it's all worthwhile ? It's very disappointing to have around 80 PAC members living in the Cheshire area but less than a dozen turning up to meetings; with even fewer attending fish-ins. Perhaps members would like to give me some feedback and let me know why they aren't supporting their Regional Association ?